Marcia Zeller Testimonial

Sheri is a teacher, mentor, and source of positivity rolled into one. I have worked with her through group trainings and one on one and always come away feeling inspired, hopeful, and like I learned a great deal.  Above all, Sheri is approachable, eager to help, honest, and able to explain concepts in a way that makes them easily understood. She led a group in which I participated with the goal of developing a workshop for college students to teach them about the CliftonStrengths assessment (back when it was StrengthsFinder).  No question was too simple, and no idea was minimized.  She was open to all our group shared.  We were each at different levels in our understanding and use of administering the assessment, and I appreciated her willingness to share materials she had created herself.  She gladly explained concepts, showed how various aspects tied together, and generally increased our excitement in how we could use this tool to better support students.  

Kristin Dade Testimonial

Sheri is a fabulous teacher.  I was a novice StrengthsQuest user when I first met Sheri.  I had participated in the process as a student and was able to muddle through what all of the information meant about me and my leadership style, but when I delved deeper into the process with Sheri, it was a whole new experience.  She provided real life examples that allowed me to better understand how this information can assist me with advising students.  She provided literature for our meetings in advance, so I knew the topic of discussion beforehand. Sheri is organized, punctual, creative, patient, and dedicated to educating people about Strengths concept.  My only regret is not having more time with Sheri. 

Jennifer DeRosa Testimonial

I have grown exponentially through Sheri’s training.  Mid-way through my career, I transitioned into a career coaching role from that of a corporate HR professional.  There were a great many things I needed to learn, including how to best direct and motivate my students to reach their goals and how to use assessments to lead my students to success in their exploration.  Most notably, Sheri aided me in learning the StrengthsQuest concept.  She provided me with insights about that assessment tool and how to dig deeper into a client’s results in order to more effectively guide them.  Additionally, Sheri taught me to organize and facilitate group presentations.  Sheri is always patient and clear when providing training, and she encourages active and continuous learning.  Her strong background in establishing and measuring learning outcomes plays a role in her teaching methodology. I am a better career coach for having worked with Sheri.

Gabbie Smith Testimonial

As an academic and pre professional advisor for undergraduate students, a central part of my role is supporting students to deepen their self-awareness.  After learning valuable information about myself from StrengthsQuest, I was eager to add this assessment to my advising toolbox, but wanted to understand how to use it with students in the most meaningful way.  Sheri volunteered to share her expertise and train a group of us.  I truly appreciated her experiential approach - she first helped us to understand our strengths and how they interact with each other and how they express themselves in our personal and professional work and relationships. Then she guided us to look at case studies and apply our knowledge.  Throughout, she was accessible and proactive in following up and providing support.  She tailored the training to the needs of the group in non-judgmental ways and infused a healthy dose of humor into our conversations.  I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Sheri! ~ Gabrielle Smith, Advisor, Cornell University