Meet Sheri Mahaney

Sheri founded New Insights Consulting with a passion to provide professional development for staff who work on the front line every day assisting students and clients to improve their lives.

As a former social worker and career counselor, Sheri does more than provide advice and critique resumes.  With more than 25 years of credentialed counseling and training experience, Sheri is obsessed with innovating training content so that it is effective, practical and challenges her clients/audiences to “shift the paradigm” and see things in a new light.

With a keen eye for analyzing interpersonal communication and personality strengths, Sheri has consulted with many career and higher education offices to maximize how they utilize their greatest resource—their staff—to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their services.   

No matter what hat Sheri is wearing—counselor or teacher—her goal is simple; to empower the staff who help others to work from their strengths, enhance their skillsets, and provide the highest quality service to their clients.


New Insights Consulting Mission

It is the mission of New Insights Consulting, LLC to provide professional development services that promote continuous learning, personal brand development, enhance skillsets, and empowers staff in higher education and human services.


Sheri lives in Ithaca with her husband and enjoys traveling to NYC to visit her two sons